Marriage is a relationship where keeping love alive is the little bit tough job for a couple to do and the main reason behind that is when the couple lives        together for life time then somewhere they lost their interest in each other. If you are also the one how is going to the same situation then you should use Muslim ways to make fill your marriage relationship with love and happiness. it’s a true thing that when interest gets away from the couple then somewhere love, happiness, romance and cares everything gets fed away and marriage is not a relationship between husband wife only actually it’s a relationship among two people and this is the reason when problems happen in between relationship then somewhere it reflects on the whole family so this is the reason we want to suggest to all the married couple that whenever you feel any kind of problems try to make sort out these all as soon as possible and if you are not able to make this solve then you can take help of our astrologer Moulana ji and with the help of them you can easily solve all the problems of your married life and can make your married life happier and beautiful.

Istikhara to resolve conflicts between husband wives

conflicts and arguments are the normal things in the husband-wife relationship and the main reason behind that is the marriage relation is not in between husband wife only it’s relations between two family and reason of that little bit ups and done happen in husband-wife relationship but when these problems break their limit then solving it is become hard for the couple. So now the thing is that how to solve the problems and make married life happier. So as being of your good wishes we want to suggest you to use istikhara to resolve conflicts between husband wives.